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The time for raising awareness is over. It is time to implement solutions to the most important global problems – water, energy and health.

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The availability of fresh water affects rich and poor alike. Solving water shortages will impact humanity in the most significant way. For rich countries, the availability of fresh water means global, economic stability. For poor countries, it’s the foundation of life, livelihood and health.


The availability of electricity affects both rich and poor as well. For the rich, pollution from fossil fuel sources has created huge health problems for people and the planet. For the poor, lack of electricity has kept them in poverty by putting education, livelihood and basic necessities out of reach.


The healthcare system for both rich and poor is inadequate. It focuses on treating illness. But a more sensible approach is to prevent illness. Technologies that help prevent illness exist. They need to be implemented for the benefit of people – free from profit seekers and government red tape.

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