• Serving, and not Helping

    5:30 am, 15 Feb 2017 By Billions in Change

    If philanthropy is service to humanity, then those we are serving should be seen as our customers. Think of a business. Businesspeople serve customers and address their needs.

    Philanthropy that takes an attitude of helping is the opposite of philanthropy that takes a posture of service. Helping implies that the donor is superior. Serving puts you beneath those you serve. We help based on what we want; we serve based on what our customers need.

    Do you have ideas or real-life examples of individuals or philanthropic organizations that exemplify this attitude of serving? How do you think they made the shift from helping to serving?

  • Vinod Sankar 8:34 am, 28 Sep 2017

    The concept of “seva bhav” could help an individual or an organization adopt a posture of service at all times.

    • Shafi Ahmed 8:38 am, 28 Sep 2017

      Can you please explain what is meant by seva bhav??

  • Arti Mittal 8:45 am, 28 Sep 2017

    Why is it important to take a posture of service? What’s wrong with just wanting to help out others who are less fortunate than ourselves?

  • Pranaay Katke 11:54 am, 04 Oct 2017

    Yes, I have a visionary plan which I am planning on seeding and developing with like minded stronger partners, who wish to serve rural India today. I have been following visionaries worldwide and your project, gives me an idea on how I would love your support to channelise your innovations through our projects in the coming time. I’m an Indian visionary, artist founder at United Kalakar a Mumbai based foundation for Art & Culture, developing innovative modules to serve and create new opportunities in rural and urban India. My interest is art, technology and innovation in business. If there is an opportunity to speak with you, I would love to discuss my project which has the potential to create a collaborative ecosystem through art & innovation, to channelise new opportunities, startups and growth in our existing system which are most needed now. Look forward to connect with you soon. Regards Pranaay Katke, Mumbai.

  • Ashish Sharma 8:36 am, 05 Oct 2017

    Seva bhav means
    Feeling to help someone

  • Bijay kumar pandey 2:03 pm, 05 Oct 2017

    Mai is sanstha se judna cahta hoo

  • Bijay kumar pandey 2:04 pm, 05 Oct 2017

    Kya karna hoga mujhe

  • Bijay kumar pandey 2:05 pm, 05 Oct 2017

    Mai sirf aapki help kr sakta hoo wo v only in my mindn my body

  • Manu Tayal 3:45 am, 06 Oct 2017

    Amazing ideas , very very interested in your projects ………….

  • sunil arora 10:48 am, 06 Oct 2017

    Hello, I would be keen to associate with some of the activity. Pls let me know how I can.

  • Anil Bhayani 1:03 pm, 06 Oct 2017

    How can I participate in this noble work.?

  • Asgar Fakhrudin 4:32 pm, 06 Oct 2017

    When we are ‘helping’ there is a form of detachment but once we decide to ‘serve’ a bond develops and both one who serves and the one who is served are mutually benefited. The one who reaches out to serve is nourished spiritually, he feels happy and full filled. I have in my small capacity experienced this in serving marginalized medical cases.

  • Anil Kumar Chaubey 7:05 pm, 06 Oct 2017

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  • Anil Kumar Chaubey 7:05 pm, 06 Oct 2017

    I have a plan to implement free electricity concept in the various corporate sector where the electricity consumption is very high, at least the general usage can be utilised with this. I have an effective implementation plan..

  • 9300981284 8:24 am, 07 Oct 2017

    I have My own Organisation Named “Sashakt Prayas Sanstha” & I am the president. I want to work with your seva bhavi sanshta. How ? please tell me. If possible give me details in Hindi. Thanks

  • 9988332111 9:01 am, 07 Oct 2017

    Respected Sir, Serving humanity is excellence form of being a human. You are doing exceptionally well by changing the lives of millions. Great infinite good wishes for you!!!.

  • 9891221166 9:29 am, 07 Oct 2017

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  • 9389720575 8:25 am, 08 Oct 2017

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  • Ved prakash 8:27 am, 08 Oct 2017

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  • 9871733511 2:17 pm, 08 Oct 2017

    I am veteran of Indian Army; a BITS Pilani graduate engineer of 1973 passing out. Have 40 years of experience as an Infrastructure developer for the Defence. Would consider myself lucky to render my time for any of your philanthropy projects.

  • C K Mani 7:12 am, 09 Oct 2017

    Great initiative, will be highly obliged if provided an opportunity to be of service.

  • Vikram Karkhanis 8:33 pm, 09 Oct 2017

    Having a “basic welfare income” all over India for unemployed yet educated citizens is the best philanthropic initiative, I see such conscious initiatives by government of Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, West Bengal & Tamil Nadu who are giving monthly allowance benefit to unemployed youths and adults.

    Life of citizens is more important than constructing Monuments, Nuclear Plants or buying Weapons of War.

  • NVK Meerendra Balu Yepuri 6:19 am, 11 Oct 2017

    how can I touch with you

  • NVK Meerendra Balu Yepuri 6:19 am, 11 Oct 2017

    how can I participate with you

  • vikash 11:58 am, 11 Oct 2017

    Solar electric and Health issue arises on Water is great initiative….we will use certain medical equipment from Solar Power and reach medical facility at remote loaction …. communication not a big challenge due to speed up Internet facility….

  • Garsett Larosse 10:02 pm, 13 Oct 2017

    Please look into the work of Frederic Laloux, a Belgian researcher who wrote Reinventing Organisations: http://www.reinventingorganizations.com. (downloadable copy with many examples of successful organisations)

  • 9886360065 4:40 am, 14 Oct 2017

    It was a really nice video its very nice to see NRI’s like yourself who are even thinking about others which is so overwhelming. I was just knowing or thinking if there is a feedback system that is in place which can reach the team of experts who are working with the products. I firmly believe if these feedbacks can reach the decision makers it will surely make an impact.

    Also there concerning the Solar Briefcase as it was properly said in the video its the awareness thats needed but if we also use proper social channels and maximize the crowdbase it will further enhance the campaign in a bigger way.

    I also personally believe that some of these products can be extended or tweaked to urban population (i.e., The Solar Briefcase which can power the bigger batteries which we can use to run the lighting and Fans) also which help in commercializing the product and if the product can be made feasible it will be a big support for your project to reach the billions also this would bring down the Electricity consumption in Urban areas which is a big plus also it would bring down the electricity bill.

    how can I reach or talk to someone from your team. ti would be helpful.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • 9999996040 12:09 pm, 15 Oct 2017


  • Vagish Mishra 11:32 am, 17 Oct 2017

    a basic question about solar lights….from where do they get the Solar Panels ? Is it imported and assembled or fully developed in India ???

  • Saurabh Ranjan 5:47 pm, 18 Oct 2017

    There are can be many more ideas of Serving. Mind of College Students are most fertile ground for Creative Ideas. Hans Foundation can run Essay Competition “How to Change/Improve India?” in various Colleges of different district of entire state, with deadline of 1 Month. Award Best one with One Solar Brief Case Machine, 2nd winner with Powerpack 300 , 3rd winner with Powerpack 150. This way momentum of creative discussion can be made. Run such competition in different states one by one. Slowly, It can be taken to School level.