• Seeking Ideas: Propagating Shivansh Khaad

    7:49 am, 27 Sep 2017 By Billions in Change

    Our food- and agriculture-focused initiative ‘Shivansh Kheti’ is pioneering a rapid and simple 18-day method of converting raw farm waste into a nutrient rich natural fertilizer we’re calling Shivansh Khaad.

    The goal is to train millions of farmers across India to create and use Shivansh Khaad as an alternative to chemical fertilizers. Field tests have shown that incorporating this natural soil amendment into a farm creates a host of benefits, including: improved soil quality, higher crop yields, better crop quality, viable seeds, reduced pesticide use, lower irrigation requirements, and increased profits.

    Do you have ideas or practical expertise about how we might transfer this skill of making Shivansh Khaad at scale (to millions of farmers) and in the shortest possible time frame?

  • Pratap singh tomer 5:30 am, 30 Sep 2017

    Install the round wire mess frames at every village where the cattle are housed, involve educated village youth from same village to guide other illiterate farmers and involve local panchayat

    • Vinod Sankar 3:39 pm, 03 Oct 2017

      Thoughtful suggestions. Do you have any prior experience with such projects? Any learning you can share from those experiences?

    • we did that in my place at small level. a different method actually. is there the step my step process document here. we can do it many villages easily if the doc is available. info transfer is the key

  • Roger Gauthier 6:23 am, 02 Oct 2017

    The fastest way would be to either drop instructions out of a plane or get them intobtheir hands via your power grid and internet. But for now the old fashion way of droping something like visual comic book type pamphlets. That was how communism was spread to millions back in the day.

  • Finny Kumaravel 1:02 pm, 04 Oct 2017

    Make the rural youth of India pose for selfies with it, this needs to be demonstrated in practical terms to the masses and the youth are a sure fire way to do it, with the advent of internet messaging this gives them an opportunity to produce regional specific video content which has gained popularity in recent times here

  • Radhika Larsen 6:14 pm, 04 Oct 2017

    Mobile internet users is estimated at 420 million and smartphone users at 300 million in India. Whatsapp is the most popular newsfeed sharing media. The power of digital India is there to use.

    • Shivam Dubey 10:30 am, 07 Oct 2017

      Indeed radhika… they may not know how to open a bank account but surely they can whatsapp, which will be a great medium.

  • Radhika Larsen 6:15 pm, 04 Oct 2017

    Mobile internet users is estimated at 420 million and smartphone users at 300 million in India. Whatsapp is the most popular newsfeed sharing media. The power of digital India is there to use.

  • Shashank Shekher 10:25 am, 05 Oct 2017

    As Manoj Bhargava said in his video we need to tell the farmers “why Shivansh Khaad and then how to make it”. People need to accept this change and adopt it for times to come. In my opinion personal contact of volunteer at village level will be required to spread the word about Shivansh Khaad

  • Ashish Bakshi 2:07 pm, 05 Oct 2017

    Work with Agricultural universities and collages to propagate this method. There are some non-profit organization take their help to propagate this method. You are already marketing through internet, now add a mobile app with user forums so as to exchange experiences and gamify the Idea.

  • Emperor Chak 4:06 am, 06 Oct 2017

    Make old people to invole in the programme. Bcz thy hving practical ideas. Thy work fr better cultivation. Provide minimum education knowledge n infrastructure. Give service n clear doughts n problems with local people.

  • nanda kishore 5:32 am, 06 Oct 2017

    Not only by using social media but we can take the help of government of India and bring awareness in people by displaying these in movie ads, by sending certain teams,and may government give subsidy on this.
    According to me this is the best way, it may take a little time but may give a result and also by making short films

  • Hrishikesh Pai 5:37 am, 06 Oct 2017

    i think if we can make some document which is easy to understand and follow. distribute it … mostly in local language with the help of volunteers

  • Shailendra Kumar jain 7:00 am, 06 Oct 2017

    Dear Sir,
    I am a faculty in civil engineering and my students are successfully tested that if cow dung is not available we can replace it with human urine also in the process of composting as Humen urine is the one of the best fertilizer and it is the best source of nitrogen which is the prime requirement for compositing.
    Please try it if we are using urine in the process we are able to solve two big issues one removal of urine from sewer treatment plant or rivers and second composting of waste.
    so that two big waste will be converted into one best fertilizer.

    • Karanveer Verma 8:34 pm, 27 Jan 2018

      Actually if we use Human urine then we can’t call it organic technically.

  • xxxxxx0752 7:17 am, 06 Oct 2017

    In my opinion, we can propagate this by organizing demos in the village about how to prepare this and what are the steps involved … a short video film or animation should be distributed to the villagers about this so that they can watch it repeatedly and try it at least once.

  • Anil Ayyangar 9:53 am, 06 Oct 2017

    Former believe only when they see the results. It should be like chain reaction.
    1. Create model forms in Mandal & District levels
    2. Showcase success stories in social media & make them viral
    3. Tie-up with gross root workers

  • xxxxxx5178 10:29 am, 06 Oct 2017

    Need to work in ground level

    • Neeraj Kumar Garg 11:58 am, 14 Nov 2017

      Agree, Social Media and Internet may not be sufficient. A core team has to start it from some villages and then from those villages choose volunteers to spread the awareness.

  • Vidhya Sivakumar 4:49 pm, 06 Oct 2017

    Put this up in every Mandi where the farmer sells and buy their farm produce. On every paper /wrapper that will come in contact. In the form of sms, give them a hotline to call which will tell them what it is all about.. In fact on all their chemical fertilizer wrapper we should put details of Shivansh Khaad

  • Shivam Dubey 10:28 am, 07 Oct 2017

    It’s really important that the farmers understand first why they need to opt for “shivash kheti”- khaad. Which is no harm to the land unlike urea, no additional cost unlike urea- , saving huge amount of money. Once they understand the importance not even a single farmer will go for western pesticides. A farmer makes only 2 % profit from his work. By opting “shivansh khaad” they increase their profit by 22 %. This is what the farmers need to understand.

  • NITESH KUMAR SAINI 2:33 pm, 07 Oct 2017

    This is a great technique for village like ours in Rajasthan where farmers invest more in irrigation as it reduces the water requirement also I am going to educate more and more farmers with my friends, We will arrange choupals and try our best with the help of farmers. Keen to get some responsibility.

  • Sandeep sharma 3:34 pm, 07 Oct 2017

    How we can make Khaad and how we help farmar to make khaad

  • Tirumala Srinivas PITCHIKA 4:46 am, 08 Oct 2017

    Best first mode will be by playing the trailer in local languages in the movies theater’s at first along with the local enthusiast volunteers contact number and thereby making the interested candidates to work together on a selected workplace to boost confidence and instill these great ideas. All the best for all of us. Save janaa sukhino bhavanthu.

    • xxxxxx4551 5:39 am, 27 Oct 2017

      a live example of those who have been successful in Shivansh Khaad can be developed in a movie form which can be played on TV frequently for expanding knowledge to every individual villager. The village panchayat’s involvement will benefit all. just a suggestion.

  • We installed the fertilizer making technique in our urban farm. info transfer is the key. if Billions in change can propagate the soft copy of step by step process info transfer will become very easy. ready to volunteer if needed.

  • NEESHA B 7:38 am, 08 Oct 2017

    Reach out to corporates in different states to take up this initiative with you as part of their CSR activity. Involve the local youth (urban or villagers) to participate and demonstrate how it is done, the success rate , benefits etc. I’m sure there will be many volunteers in urban cities who would willingly help. Willing to help in any part of India with you guys! Good luck! You are doing a great job!

  • NEESHA B 7:38 am, 08 Oct 2017

    Reach out to corporates in different states to take up this initiative with you as part of their CSR activity. Involve the local youth (urban or villagers) to participate and demonstrate how it is done, the success rate , benefits etc. I’m sure there will be many volunteers in urban cities who would willingly help. Willing to help in any part of India with you guys! Good luck! You are doing a great job!

  • Yogeshwar Kulkarni 2:55 pm, 08 Oct 2017

    I think, why can’t this be coupled with government initiatives in order to subsidize farming expenses (initially & till the time advantages are materialised to the farmer )whoever is utilizing this method. This will help to accelerate the progress and gain the publicity of such a good technique.

  • Abhinab Singh 8:23 am, 09 Oct 2017

    On first look, it seems, that if applied properly this can be another revolution. However, a strong grass root level org is imperative if this has to succeed. Its got to be a collaborative mechanism with visible gains in the short term as well. There is a need for few enablers as well as good ppl taking initiative. Costing is another aspect. The initial pieces hv to be priced lower maybe few need to be installed free of cost. An ecosystem of agri institutes, NGOs , local bodies supported by the government needs to be established. The government must assist this initiative.

  • Pravin Kottawar 9:05 am, 09 Oct 2017

    To spread the idea we need volunteers. With Shivansh Khaad we need leaders who are respected by farmers who are good in organic farming.

  • Babu Rao 9:51 am, 09 Oct 2017

    Show this in all local languages and select for each district ONE VILLAGE as demo center. Get 10 volunteers from these villages who will stay for one year. Also at district level set up scaled manufacturing units for these silo’s to be made .they should be near goshals where cow dung is easily available. getting 2 lakh volunterrs is not difficult . May take about 3 months to cover about 20000 villages to start with

  • xxxxxx0328 9:57 am, 09 Oct 2017

    By organizing gather up at Panchayat level through volunteers and creating a workshop . Also by interacting people through whatsapp groups could make a difference.

  • Vikram K 8:07 pm, 09 Oct 2017

    As per research data available, 66.86%( World Bank data 2016) of Indian citizens live in rural areas, Banners with details of ‘Shivansh Kheti” & toll free number written in local regional language on inhabited village crossroads & major connecting national highways will help reach millions of farmers in India.

  • Dharmendra rai 2:56 am, 10 Oct 2017

    – Circulation of video of “Making of Shivansh Khaad” via social media
    – Demo through Gram panchayat and availability of booklet at panchayat
    – Opening centres for production of Shivansh Khaad by adding a village family which will be supply point to others
    – Reward the farmers who are using Shivansh Khaad by providing them seeds on cost-to-cost basis.

  • DEEPAK CHOUDHARY 6:24 am, 10 Oct 2017

    I belong to a village nd my father is a farmer ,so i think that to give the info. on phones or by other internet sources to the villagers does’t work cause’ they do not trust without getting a demo practically, therefore it would be better to directly meet them nd provide info.nd somewhat material tp them ,

  • viraj 6:53 pm, 10 Oct 2017

    We can start from 3 places initially for three diffrent categories
    a) Whatapp—India is amazing in making things viral —– for those who are lot like sticked and stucked to their phones
    b) Colleges and school— No movement can ever be successful in India at this point of time without real participation of YOUTH
    c) Hardcopies — Phamplets of yours are simply amazing to understand the concept.We as the volunteer ca n download its pdf and circulate in our locality i.e. autodrivers,coolies at railway station, etc. Basically anyone with most probability of conncted with farming.

    These three i guess incorporate about 80% of indian population those are connected to farming.

  • Dipesh Chothani 5:12 am, 11 Oct 2017

    On Similar Lines there is Zero budget natural farming totally zero cost. please evaluate the same too as forces like adopting it you can make the difference. http://www.palekarzerobudgetspiritualfarming.org/zbnf.aspx

  • Vijaya Satchidanandam 7:24 am, 11 Oct 2017

    11th October 2017. Everyday this past week I’m reading in the newspapers about farmers in punjab burning post harvest stubble in their fields causing severe pollution. The government has banned this practice of burning, and of course as expected, compliance is poor. Instead local government bodies should train farmers to convert this agriculture waste into shivansh khaad and reeduce their capital expenditure on fertilizers, in addition to improving soil quality. Can we deploy shivansh khaad in these rich agricultural areas?

  • Vijaya Satchidanandam 7:26 am, 11 Oct 2017

    Shivansh khaad can solve the problem of urban waste by teaching groups of houses and apartment blocks to compost their wet kitchen waste and use it for small kitchen gardens.

  • Tripurari Mishra 9:57 am, 11 Oct 2017

    सप्रेम शुभकामना श्रीमान मनोज सर ,
    मैं आप से काफी प्रभावित हुआ ।मुझे billions in change का concept काफी अच्छा लगा , fist time I realize and I also felt . मुझे अपने लिए नहीं बल्कि समाज और देश के लिए काम करना है । मैं खुद भी ग्रामीण क्षेत्र से हु । आज से दस साल पहले तक हमसब कुओं तथा हैंडपंप का पानी 💦 पीते थे मगर आज नहीं पी सकते हैं । fertilizers ने मिट्टी और पानी की समस्या उत्पन्न कर दिया है ।मुझे अब इन सबके लिए काम करना है ।Pledge for billions in change @ Tripurari Mishra
    I want to associate with your team .who is already working for rural aria ,Kindly advice me for the next course of action .Please let me know if you need any other information.
    Thank you
    Tripurari mishra

  • Ravindra Kumar 11:20 am, 11 Oct 2017

    First of all, benefits need to be clearly elaborated outlining costs, efforts & other variables involved, To instill confidence in new methodology, it needs to be showcased though farming at owned farms and also through Farmers Partnership Programs with assured guaranteed output by targeting focus areas first. Aidio/Audio Visual material is major local languages with experts recommending or certifying the methodology should be available on the site. Website should be available in major local languages. Discussion forum and other resources.from different languages should be pooled to make these available in all languages. Khap panchayats & colleges may play a vital role as they can deliver the massage effectively, by highlighting social & holistic benefits to dwindling farming community, which is threatening village smartest eco-system..Additional cost of inputs, if any, may be recovered from assured output. NGOs may also play a vital role. .

  • Rupali 12:23 pm, 11 Oct 2017

    Hello Sir ,
    I think to make shivansh khaad popular between farmers. you should work with pani foundation.
    pani foundation every year arrange a competition within taluka’s. In 2017 total 30 taluka’s of Maharastra participated in the competition. they arrange a 7 days training program for 2 persons of each village.and whole Maharastra is watching this competition so within 45 days you can reach to lakhs of peoples.

  • Rupali 12:23 pm, 11 Oct 2017

    Hello Sir ,
    I think to make shivansh khaad popular between farmers. you should work with pani foundation.
    pani foundation every year arrange a competition within taluka’s. In 2017 total 30 taluka’s of Maharastra participated in the competition. they arrange a 7 days training program for 2 persons of each village.and whole Maharastra is watching this competition so within 45 days you can reach to lakhs of peoples.

  • Rupali 12:23 pm, 11 Oct 2017

    Hello Sir ,
    I think to make shivansh khaad popular between farmers. you should work with pani foundation.
    pani foundation every year arrange a competition within taluka’s. In 2017 total 30 taluka’s of Maharastra participated in the competition. they arrange a 7 days training program for 2 persons of each village.and whole Maharastra is watching this competition so within 45 days you can reach to lakhs of peoples.

  • Sunil morye 11:44 am, 12 Oct 2017

    Distribute the local language document and need to work in ground level. So people can understand about uses of Shivansh Khaad.

  • RAMANA VENKAT 6:38 am, 13 Oct 2017

    Make separate designed vehicle which is more helpful than this , which can turn wet cow dung and other waste into dry matter and then it will be directly used into fields

  • ABHINAV PANDEY 3:00 am, 14 Oct 2017

    Former believe only when they see the results. It should be like chain reaction.
    1. Create model forms in Mandal & District levels
    2. Showcase success stories in social media & make them viral
    3. Tie-up with gross root workers

  • manish patkar 11:38 am, 14 Oct 2017

    You need to take government s help , it will make it easier to spread the message

  • Mardav Gala 8:06 pm, 14 Oct 2017

    I believe the issue here at hand is more political than conventional, as fertilizer industry of our country would be impacted. However, in response to the question, the comic-type pamphlets can be distributed via post/mail services, if partnered with India post and Mr. Tomar suggested, involving the Panchayat would be great idea, apart from the fact that it’s still way down the supply chain if you think of it in practical terms as reaching out would take time. The quickest and the most feasible ways could be;

    1. Partnering with India Posts that can deliver the guide/user manual to local post offices in every village.
    2. Gaining governmental support could be beneficial at this stage, and the current government in power would be more inclined to support the idea of reaching out as it would give them a political advantage for 2019.

  • Sagar Verma 8:25 am, 15 Oct 2017

    To implement this thing in a better way, a group of agricultural engineers as volunteer will be the best. They can have a project on it in any village, showing the people, how it works and illustrating it’s benefits. Once the farmers realise that it’s easy to make, cheap and healthy. They will definitely avoid the chemicals. And we must have a packet of fertilizer ready to give them as a trail pack to use.

  • G Nath 4:36 am, 16 Oct 2017

    I am impressed with your entire work and positive thoughts. I want to make Shivansh Fertilizer for my Village Farmers, plz guide me for it.

  • Rishav Aggarwal 4:44 am, 16 Oct 2017

    Youngesters have to take initative to make this revolution amongs the villages across india

  • Khushbu Doshi 7:21 am, 17 Oct 2017

    Transferring skills of making Shivansh Khaad to many farmers
    1. Identify one or more NGOs in different regions of each state who are already working in field of Farmer Welfare/ Promoting Organic/ Chemical free Farming etc
    2. Get in touch with the NGOs and promote the idea of Shivansh Khaad.
    3. The NGOs will help to identify one or more worker/ volunteer, fluent in basic English or Hindi, who can be trained in making of Shivansh Khaad. The purpose of identifying volunteers from individual region is that they can propagate the training to other farmers in the region in their respective local languages!
    4. Fix on a date/ period when all the volunteers/ workers can be called upon at a village/ training location, where the step by step live demonstration of khaad preparation can be shown, along with all the troubleshooting ways
    5. The training can be conducted over a period of few days. Training period can also include sessions to understand concerns of volunteers in each region and getting their doubts cleared on the entire process
    6. A database can be created either by Billions of Change, or respective NGOs, identifying and listing different districts/ regions in each state where the training needs be propagated. Also, farmer associations in different regions can be identified and the training can be conducted to multiple farmers at a time
    7. A system needs to be developed, wherein a timeline of training program to be created, for each region/ district/ state. The timeline will capture the regions, schedule of training, location and contact details of Farmer/ farmer association, follow up schedule and also contact details of volunteer, to whom the farmers can reach out for any help
    8. The timeline will help understand the progress, reach and impact of program
    9. Once the timeline is in place, the volunteers who underwent the training, can then take it forward to multiple farmers in their respective regions, thus simultaneously reaching out to millions of farmers in the country!

  • xxxxxx2644 12:49 pm, 17 Oct 2017

    I will pass on info from this site to my friends who run NGO’s in rural areas helping the people understand this concept. Its so simple, much better than the pit composting system, where more money and labour is required.
    Thanks team BIC

  • xxxxxx5755 10:47 am, 19 Oct 2017

    Best way of transfering skills to farmers is to visit cattle fair or local festivals where we can go and share it with farmers

  • Tapan Kumar Dhar 9:51 am, 21 Oct 2017

    Such a brilliant technique which has the power to revolutionize the entire economy and human existence, deserves much more than just appreciation. Let us engage those who have the primary responsibility to find such solutions and bring change. We need to ask them for their feedback and what they can do to get this solution implemented. Volunteering is great but I believe in making people accountable. People who are entrusted to solve the problems, need to give answers.
    I suggest, please write an open letter copying all the MPs, MLA, IAS officers, Gram Panchayats, why they cannot use this solution to change the economic condition of India. What stops them? I see no reason why even after getting such brilliant solutions, our representatives can look the other way, or find some excuse. Let us cut the chase , and ask direct questions. I demand answer.

  • Pramod Kumar Maheshwari 10:47 am, 21 Oct 2017

    We need to identify the zones and divide it in sectors of 10villages each. Train one ebergetic youth from each village who can motivate at least 10 farmers on daily basis. One senior retired officer or dedicated person (having no liability) And wish to serve the community should handle a cluster of 10 village. The chain should increase like that. Besides we can come across other problems of society of that particular area which can be resolved with some efforts and our innovative ideas. I am ready to work as volunteer if responsibility is given.

  • rahul mittal 6:40 am, 22 Oct 2017

    In India, Most of the farmers as not educated & not user friendly with the use of Mobile technology. In my view All India Radio is the most common channel & media by which connectivity with each farmer can be made.
    Even though National program/scheme for benefit for framers which is being circulated by Central government by All India Radio only.
    Another Option would be, to approach Nation rural health mission program run by Government, They have already very rich & good spread in rural network of India & their volunteers are already experienced to handle the mentality of Farmers.

    • Sutikshna Dhote 7:38 am, 26 Oct 2017

      But the can’t provide proper information regarding this according to me

  • ASHIKKUMAR CHAUDHARI 8:24 am, 22 Oct 2017

    Spread methods to prepare shivansh should be in regional local languages also need to perform live demonstrations in rural areas so farmer can easily understand. Also ignitation and incubation of farmers by organisation is required

  • Shabbir Dhinojwala 11:38 am, 22 Oct 2017

    One way is to use the services of rural bank branches. Their Managers and Agri-officers have excellent rapport with the farmers as the banks finance the farmers. Their good offices will work wonders. Get in touch with the CEOs of the banks and with their cooperation Circulars may be sent to all the branches along with the “Shivansh Khaad” literature/brochures. This way thousands and thousands of farmers can be reached and bank officials can coax the farmers to adopt this beneficial skill. I have myself been a rural bank manager in a few branches of BOI in MP & TN.

  • xxxxxx2690 12:31 pm, 22 Oct 2017

    Please use national and state media to convey your missions/ thoughts for the welfare of needy, poor and down trodden people. Baba Ram Dev,s volunteers have roots at grass root level. their help can be thought off. If you preach your idea through their platforms your view will be taken very seriously if they are in national /state media and good people/volunteers will automaticaly join this good mission.

  • Sutikshna Dhote 7:35 am, 26 Oct 2017

    By making the smartphone application regarding this because most of the people joinig by this

  • Langhnojia Viral 3:12 pm, 26 Oct 2017

    Please add following items to cowdung while making shivansh and try
    1. 100gm jaggery / 1 glass sugarcane juice / any sugar based spoiled item
    2. 100 gm flour (any) / remains from butchery
    3. 1 glass of sour buttermilk / any spoiled milk product
    this will fasten the decomposition process. Also agricultural output will rise. This idea adapted and tried from Brihadsamhita by rishi Varahmir.

  • Kunal Roy 4:57 pm, 27 Oct 2017

    The idea is obviously to disseminate knowledge on a mass scale in a ‘one to many’ model. Choose events where many potential adopters of the product will come together. It should contain both theoretical (advocating the advantages) and practical ( already deployed in real life) portions. An idea of using WhatsApp as a medium has already been touched upon here. The practical portion of the video must contain a real life example(s) who people can contact and verify for themselves. They will trust one of their own rather than an organization they have never heard of. Similarly, the real life examples must be incentivised for affirming the use of the fertilizer and for advocating its usage. Regional agricultural universities must be roped in as partners for information spreading purposes (credible). An AV medium will be much more effective than text (even with images). Let the said universities/institutes reach out to farmers in their states with AV. Also, AV to be customized for each state being targeted, both in language and in the example being used to establish credibility.

  • Vineet Agarwal 10:46 am, 28 Oct 2017

    Yes I have an idea by which we can tell everyone about shivanshi khad . I had seen article about this method in PDF format which can’t be uploaded on social media like Facebook or WhatsApp …. Moreover PPL use to just pass on other page without listing it … So let’s publish booklet and send it to every village surpunch free of cost.

  • Henon Aranha 11:40 am, 28 Oct 2017

    1. Workshops
    Every volunteer of Billions in Change visit one of the nearest villages and hold an event where the volunteer demonstrates the process.
    Let the change begin with us. We are the change.
    #volunteerofchange #letsbegin

  • vishnu sirowa 11:58 am, 28 Oct 2017

    नमस्कार दोस्तों, देखिये हमारा देश एक जवान देश | कभी भी भीड़ में अपने चारो तरफ कभी देखिएगा तो आप जान पाएंगे की हमारे देश म कितने जयादा युवा हे | और यही देश की शक्ति है लेकिन इसका मतलब य नहीं की हम लोग अपने बुजुर्गो को भूल जाए तो हमें शिवांश खाद को लोगो में लाने की शुरुवात इन दोनों एक साथ लेकर करनी होगी | हमें गांव गांव जाकर लोगो से मिलकर खासकर किसानो को और उनके बच्चों को समझाना होगा की इसे क्यों अपनाये और ये भी समझाना होगा की जब वो इस भूसे को जला देते हे तोह कितना प्रदूषण होता हे और उनकी आने वाली पीढ़ियों का इन सब का क्या सामना करना पड़ेगा | आज हम दिल्ली में मर मर कर जीने को मजबूर ह क्योंकि हम लोग कितनी खतरनाक सांस लेते हैं | दिल्ली की हवा दुनिया में सबसे ज्यादा खतरनाक और बुरी | धन्यवाद् हो श्री मान मनोज भार्गव जी का की हमें इस प्रदुषण से भी छुटकारा मिल सकता हैं | क्योंकि जब हमारे गांव अच्छे होंगे और हमारे देश का किसान अच्छे होंगे तो हमे अच्छा खाने को देंगे | आप लोग जब भी इस अभियान को गांव गांव तक पहुंचना चाहो तब ही मुझे भी शामिल करना ताकि में खुद वहा लोगो से संवाद कर सकू और अपने देश की उन्नति का भागीदार बन सकू |

  • Laxmipriya Sahoo 3:14 am, 02 Nov 2017

    Really outstanding Innovation by Manoj Sir. The change will definitely happens, it will surely make benefit to our Indian People since since it is a country where many poor people lives Dedicated Manpower & strong guidance

  • Laxmipriya Sahoo 3:58 am, 02 Nov 2017

    Really outstanding innovation by Manoj Sir. The change will definitely happen, it will surely benefit a lot to our Indian farmer since here many poor people lives. One important thing which has mention in your question is “Shortest Possible Time Frame” is really makes puzzle since type of mindset ” FREE Supply ” of our Indian People lives in Rural Area especially in our State which has created & fix by Government body. For propagating all this in rural THE HANS FOUNDATION should have dedicated workforce who can work in Gram Panchayat / Village level & as well as in Corporate level & also should do Creative Advertisement in Panchayat level, etc. Like us we have already planning to propagate SHIVANS KHAAD in Gram Panchayat / Village level since one & half year as a start up AEBHUMI is already working in this level & having zeal to make a difference if we prevail proper guidance. By the way we have few confusion, if that has been cleared then we can start working very soon.

  • xxxxxx8453 1:08 pm, 04 Nov 2017

    Roots of agriculture is in villages. So villages must be in your radar. For better & quick results you need to work in multiple folds.
    1. Its’ true that mobile internet have been spreading its footprints all over the India. Use watsup & other social media. This is very quick & can give you result very fast. Atleast farmers having smart phone can be covered very fast. Some companies provide watup plans for such purpose for mass ads.
    2. But we need to understand that more than 50% of Indian population do not have smart phones. So for these kind of farmers you can use Radio FM / SM / etc., which is the no 1 in penetration among all the means of communication. Even they listen FM though their basic phones while farming or they have their own radio sets. Even our PM is using this technology in Maan ki Baat.
    3. Doordarshan, DD1, Kisan related channels, regional Bhakti channels are mostly watched by farmers in the evening. Doordarshan (Govt owned channel) is no 2 in penetration. Use this as second fold of mean. You can also give ads on private TV channels.
    4. You can tieup with the giant pestisides companies having huge turnover & since they have excellent reach to every villages. Their demonstrator or sales representative can conduct small practical training of making this Khaad involving the local pestiside shopkeepers. This will be very effective tool. Because farmers have a blind faith on the local pestiside shopkeepers as if “Agricultural doctor”. However its’ a big question that why this companies and shopkeepers will support you. You need to find answer to this question & you are there.
    4a. Print media is also effective. Give ads in news papers in local languages.
    5. Govts. Aaganwadi program and their Krishi sevak has their reach to each such villages. They can also help you likewise as per point no 4 above. But I have kept this point at the last because tieup with govt channels is not so easy unless you directly reach to someone on the top who could understand your noble and great purpose.
    I personally wish you all the luck for such a great work. I would be happy to contribute more, if required. Lastly needless to mention that all your TV ads, video, training etch should be in local language. Consider Illiteracy Ratio Also. Material should be short and sweet & comprehensive stating full benefit of your invention. Keep doing survey thorugh some good independent agency at an interval of 3 months to check the effectiveness of all the above methods. Then you can increase your efforts in most effective mode recommended by Agency.

    would advice you to spead a comprehensive method

  • xxxxxx9885 4:35 am, 05 Nov 2017

    We have to train people of rural India on regular basis and some other methods like curd farming may be tried as Farmers in Bihar used it in place of urea and pesticides.It takes only 10-15 days and The curd mixture is easy to prepare. After the curd is ready, a copper or bronze spoon is inserted into the pot containing it for 10-15 days. The colour of the curd changes from white to green.This method requires massive testing at large scale. Dr Arvind Mohan

  • xxxxxx9885 4:42 am, 05 Nov 2017

    As per my information all villages have details of individual/s available at Post Offices of respective Districts,Panchayats, Taluks etc from where data base may be prepared and accordingly Villagers can be trained in Batches . Dr Arvind Mohan

  • Rakesh Chandra Bansal 6:55 am, 05 Nov 2017

    We may educate unemployed youth for production of shivansh and sale the same at minimum cost to the farmers.they will get employment at their home place. We may contact banks for finance for water purifying machine to unemployed youth so that they will maintain the machine and earn money on selling of pure water.
    As per your demo, the main component of expenditure of farmer is diesel, we may reduce by providing solar water pumps on reasonable cost.

  • Kannan Moudgalya 1:07 pm, 05 Nov 2017

    We have a well tested audio-video instructional method called Spoken Tutorial (http://spoken-tutorial.org) for massive skills training. Using this method, we have trained 4 million students on various IT topics during the past 6 years. These tutorials are created for self learning. We dub the audio into all 22 languages of India – we also have dubbed samples in a few other languages. All tutorials are automatically available for offline use as well. We have used this method for other skills, such as building a bio gas reactor, training paramedics and training volunteers on nutrition. All tutorials are available for free download from the URL given above. We now offer the same method to explain how to create this organic fertiliser and how to use it.

  • Sambhav Verma 12:28 pm, 07 Nov 2017

    Find some Villages where Panchayat Heads are willing and interested to experiment like below.
    1. Identify Villagers who are willing to Make good user of their Land as Gau Shallah cum Organic Fertilizer Plant (which could be made autonomous by making it semi or fully profitable plants) which will also generate jobs for the locals or needy.
    2. Train them to breed Cows & Buffalos, which can be an additional source of income with the Milk Production.
    3. Train them to source the 4 raw materials for Shivansh Khaad ie. Dry Organic Waste, Green Organic Waste, Cow or Animal Dung or Waste & Water.
    4. Train them to source food for cows and how to maintain their food, health & cleanliness.
    5. Train them how to make Shivansh Khaad.
    6. Market & Sale the Shivansh Khaad & Milk in local Village Market or surrounding Village/Towns Markets and use the money to pay the wages of workers employed for the Dairy cum Fertilizer Plant.

    Please reply to add more suggestions or ideas.

  • Sambhav Verma 12:38 pm, 07 Nov 2017

    There was a time Government talked of Green Revolution, now the Government should talk of Organic Revolution & take steps to promote Shivaansh Khaad which multiplies the fertilizer quantity by mixing of Cow dung with Green & Dry Organic Waste and speeds up the Compost Ferilizing by 7 times as Compost Pit takes 7-9 months to ready the fertilizer while Shivansh Khaad is prepared in just 3-4 weeks. Hats off.

  • swapnil Kumar 3:52 pm, 09 Nov 2017

    At you give me process of how to make shivansh khaad because I have more than 1000 bigha fields , it also help to spread your this better idea to Manny farmmer. Whatsapp is also better option to transfer this skill & you also select young youths of every districts of agricultural states its helps to transfer this skill to fast.

  • rahul kumar 8:45 pm, 18 Dec 2017

    this is the big billion change, i want to say that farmers are focus on traditional farming but this comes change the way of farming

  • ARPIT GUPTA 4:23 pm, 28 Jan 2018

    Can you please do lab test in Shivansh Compost and Waste Decomposer (which youtube link in hindi is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwmqhR4g30M )
    It’s looking, Waste Decomposer is easy to use and benefits are same as Shivansh Compost.
    If yes, then we should do more research on this.

  • Banumathy S 11:42 am, 29 Jan 2018

    Use whatsapp -a wonder tool of today’s youth for propagating this idea and take it forward

  • Nanda Kumar Mangati 4:38 am, 13 Mar 2018

    Please translate the making of Shivansh Khaad in as many indian languages as possible.

  • reda carr 6:16 pm, 16 Apr 2018

    Everyone who is taught this process and it’s insentives, is encouraged to teach another farm within a 2 week time frame.

  • Mitra 10:07 pm, 18 Jun 2018

    Hi every one i am so happy to find a organization to do something for people needs around a world and i be happy to be part of that helping people and many thanks to Mr manoj a founder of this organization he reminded me of a big legend of history of india Mr Gandi we need more people like this in our universe we living thank you so much to let me be part of your organization to serve a plant the way there deserveto be treated and open our eyes to help each other no matter what nationality or race we come from do something positive for each other and make our plant more green before we destroy it and have nothing for future thank you again

  • Neha Mann 5:45 pm, 30 Oct 2018

    Train the trainers- Each district or village in India has krishi vigyan kendras, where we can introduce this to the instructors who go out in farms, to the farmers and suggest them better way of cultivation, we can reach out to them. Internet is huge platform but when it comes to bringing about a change- one need to connect with people in person. I am working in Delhi,our capital where everyone has mobile phones with never ending data packages but when it comes to philanthropy we still go out and meet people, talk to them, build trust and hence the message is passed on…

  • Sanikant kumar 10:04 am, 25 Dec 2018

    My name is Sanikant Kumar and i must admit to the fact that, I’ve been completely blown away by Mr. Bargava’s vision and efforts to make this is world, a more equitable and a just place for everyone. I’m more than willing to join Mr.Bhargava and his organization to be a part of this journey. I am a 1st year student of international business, PGDM-IB at Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. A prompt reply will indeed be appreciated in this regard.
    Thank you

  • Dave 2:18 pm, 02 Aug 2019

    Wow thanks for your vision and generosity sir. Your question about education there is volunteer organisations who already exist in India perhaps they can be approached with leaflets or video presentations? Perhaps posters in the village post office or office where they pay taxes surely everyone needs to go to pay their taxes? Perhaps a central point where the waste is disposed off to separate greens such as kitchen scraps and other waste that cannot be composted segregation units. Issue I think in rural areas would be the cows roaming would eat this anyway. But segregation of compostible materials would make land fill waste a lot less. There are cow sanctuaries where perhaps there could be a collection point for green waste to be mixed in with their dung.

    Another idea is to distill the Indian cow breed urine. Apparently there are a lot of uses people are not aware but if they made aware there is potential to make their lives better.

  • Ramkumar Atri 11:09 pm, 20 Oct 2019

    We already have a network of farmers organizations spread across India just need to plug and play to connect with them by a small team to reach them showing your films and asking them to join the movement