WATER - Why It Matters


More than 50% of hospital beds around the globe are occupied by people who became sick from unsafe water. Unsafe water is an epidemic. Clean water is healthcare and the foundation of wellness. Healthy people can be productive, earn a living, and take care of their families. Healthy children can go to school, are more likely to thrive, and become healthy adults. Clean water is also essential for growing food, as crops can’t survive in soil poisoned by salty or polluted water. Currently, over 660 million people in the world lack access to safe drinking water, and by 2025, two-thirds of the world will live in water-stressed areas. For billions of people, the ability to produce clean water from polluted wells, rivers, and other sources would be life-changing.



Without fresh water, life is impossible. Now everyone can have enough.

Rainmaker for Brackish Water


Bringing Unusable Wells Into Service

Brackish wells are everywhere around the world. And while brackish water isn’t as salty as ocean water, it’s still too salty to drink or to use for irrigation. The RainMaker for Brackish Water is a filtration unit that removes the salts and other minerals from brackish water and makes it suitable for both human consumption and agriculture. The device is intended for use at the village level. It simply attaches to the well and starts working immediately, cleaning water at a rate of 5-10 gallons per minute. And unlike other water filtration devices, this one uses very little energy. It takes just 1.5 kilowatts, which is about as much as a hair dryer, so a small generator can power it. If enough brackish water can be turned into fresh water, the water crisis in some regions can be delayed for several years, if not decades.


Making Any Source Safe To Drink

The RainMaker for Grey Water is a small, self-contained unit that uses a series of filters to purify any type of dirty water—river water, sewage water, bacteria-filled water, well water—and makes it fit to drink. Similar to the other filtration device, the RainMaker for Grey Water is intended for use at the village level and can be installed and used immediately. But this device requires even less energy. The RainMaker for Grey Water purifies up to 8 gallons of water per minute with an electric pump, but if electricity is not available, it can also be used with a manual pump or a bike pump.

Rainmaker for Graywater

A Look Back At How We Arrived Here

It started with the goal of addressing the major water issues affecting humanity: contamination and shortages. The first solution was the RainMaker for desalination, a machine that could convert ocean water into fresh water using a process that mimics how the sun evaporates seawater to form rain clouds. Unfortunately, some of the bureaucratic barriers associated with desalination were unavoidable, and deployment of RainMaker has stalled because of regulations and permitting requirements. So while this machine is still an option for the future, Stage 2 has turned its attention to the other RainMaker devices, which can be used immediately.

Other Solutions



Giving power to the people.




Stopping disease before it starts.



Helping farmers restore the land.